Brown offers help over Madeleine

May 15, 2007

Chancellor Gordon Brown has told relatives of missing Madeleine McCann he will help "in any way he can".
Philomena McCann, lobbying MPs for support in the search for her niece, four, said he was "extremely helpful".  A fighting fund will be launched later at the Walkers Stadium in Leicester, to help cover escalating legal bills.

Ms McCann, of Glasgow - accompanied by Glasgow Central MP Mohammed Sarwar - said she wanted MPs to use their power and influence to help, and she was not there to criticise the British or Portuguese police. She said Mr Brown had offered support on "a practical and a personal level" in their meeting...

Meanwhile at Prime Ministers' Questions, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, who will meet Ms McCann later, said: "I'm sure that the thoughts of the whole House will be with them at this terrible time."

Many MPs wore yellow ribbons that have become a symbol of hope for Madeleine.

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