Cocaine rap for 'tec with Maddie firm

24 February 2008
Tom Carlin

A PRIVATE detective linked to the agency hunting Maddie McCann was last night behind bars accused of helping steal £25million worth of cocaine. Antonia Jimenez, 53, is a business partner of the founder of Metodo 3 which is charging £50,000-a-month to search for the missing British toddler.  Jimenez allegedly tipped off a gang about the drugs cache in Barcelona docks when he was a police chief in 2005. He was arrested in a huge corruption probe in Spain on Thursday.

Gerry and Kate McCann hired Metodo 3 after Maddie, four, went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3. Their spokesman said: "Jimenez has worked with Metodo 3 but has not been involved in the Madeleine investigation." 

Metodo 3, whose contract runs out next month, were slammed for boasting they would find Maddie by Christmas.

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