McCanns look to ex-cops

9 September 2008 
Wigan Observer

Chief Supt Steve Heywood, head of Greater Manchester's serious crime division - which covers the Wigan area - has been asked to provide a list of retired or about-to-retire officers.Madeleine was snatched while on holiday in Portugal in May last year.The Find Madeleine Fund was set up with help from individual donations and is now being bankrolled by Brian Kennedy, boss of Sale Sharks rugby union club.

It is understood that he is considering the list provided by several police forces. Among the names is former Det Supt Andy Tattersall, who retired last year. The two men have already spoken about the case.Another former GM police officer Henri Exton, 57, is involved in the hunt. He is understood to be a shareholder in private investigations firm Oakley International. A spokesman for GMP said: "We have given details of some eligible officers or former officers.

"Clarence Mitchell, spokes-man for the McCanns, said: "Kate and Gerry McCann, the fund and its backers have always sought to employ or use the very best people and resources in the search for Madeleine. If police expertise is available anywhere, the fund and Gerry and Kate would naturally considering using it."

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