Scientific Cops Look Abroad for Work

25 September 2008
Intelligence Online

Forensic Science Service Ltd., a public firm that makes most of its money working for police forces in the United Kingdom, has retained the services of the American lobbying firm Van Scoyoc Associates to help it land contracts from U.S. federal agencies and police forces in the American states. Although it is government-owned, Forensic Science Service doesn’t enjoy a monopoly in the U.K. and finds itself competing with private groups. As a result, it wants to diversify its sources of revenue by carrying out forensic investigations on behalf of foreign police forces. Forensic Science Service has already made contact with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Van Scoyoc, the company hired by Forensic Science Service to drum up business for it, already has several British customers. In one instance, the firm represented the private security concern ArmorGroup.

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