We're devastated.. if she comes home we won't be there

2 August 2009 
Sunday Mirror
Phil Campion

The mother of missing Amy Fitzpatrick faced new heartbreak last night after a bank ordered the repossession of the family's Spanish home. Audrey, whose 15-year old daughter went missing in Spain on New Year's Day, 2008, said the family is EUR38,000 in arrears on the property in Mijas, Southern Spain.

She said last night: "Losing the house has devastated me, no one wants to lose their home, it's a big thing for anyone." But she said every cent has been spent on trying to find her daughter so the loss of her home is a price she is prepared to pay.

Mum Audrey added: "I feel panicky if I leave home in case she comes back and we're not there. "Now we have to leave the house. What if she knocks on the door and is greeted by a stranger? "We have been there for four-and-a-half years, we have decorated Amy's room ready for her. The main thing is it is the home she knows. "I would do anything to find Amy."

When Audrey moved to the Costa del Sol in 2004 with her children, Dean and Amy, and partner, Dave Mahon, they were financially sound. But the cost of searching for Amy has drained their finances and shortly they will be searching for somewhere to rent.

Audrey said: "We haven't got anywhere to live but we won't move away because if Amy returns the next place she calls on will be friends. "We were not poor people when we moved to Spain - Dave was a successful estate agent for 15 years - but we have used every penny of our savings to find Amy."

The couple are now involved in property rentals and Audrey explained that a lot of British and Irish couples are in a similar situation. Countless homes owned by Brits have been repossessed in the area, but most folks want to stay in the Spanish sun and so end up renting.

Last October Audrey and Dave secured the services of Metodo 3, a Barcelona-based detective agency it has yet to make any significant progress in its inquiries. Audrey refused to reveal how much money she has spent with the agency so far, but Metodo 3 were also used by the parents of missing child Madeleine McCann and it was reported that the McCanns were being billed for EUR50,000 per month.

Amy's natural father, Christopher Fitzpatrick, has also employed a private investigator to try to find his daughter. Now the Dublin-based investigator, Liam A Brady, claims to have uncovered important information about the teenager from Clarehall, north Dublin - and he wants the Guardia Civil to act on his findings.

Mr Brady said: "The whole focus of my investigation was Amy's lifestyle. "We have discovered a dreadful lifestyle and why it has happened. We are appalled by what we have found and continue to push for the authorities to investigate."


SPANISH police have vowed to a make a fresh start into the investigation of Amy Fitzpatrick's disappearance. Detectives plan to go right back to the beginning and revisit all of their enquiries.

The Guardia Civil say they will check all evidence collated from the beginning of the investigation and that witnesses and suspects will be interviewed once more. Amy's mum has praised the Spanish detectives but says she still needs more assistance. She said: "I'd like to get more support as there can be a breakdown in communications. "If I got a phone call on the Missing Amy line I would have no one to talk to as the police do not have any interpreters available. "Leads have phoned through on weekends previously. "I have asked for someone to call 24/7."

The family have received support from the Government back home and Taoiseach Brian Cowan was keen to ensure Irish authorities were doing everything they could in Spain.

Mary Jordan from the Department of Justice said: "The Taoiseach met Ms Audrey Fitzpatrick, mother of Amy Fitzpatrick, and Mr Dave Mahon, at their request on March 5. "The Taoiseach reiterated the Government's offer to provide whatever assistance it could, and emphasised in particular the willingness of the Irish Embassy in Madrid to assist.

"I also understand that the Embassy were to convene a meeting between the family, Irish officials and the Spanish police in order to discuss the investigation." That meeting was arranged with the Irish Ambassador Peter Gunning, Spanish police and the family and meetings have since taken place every month since in Malaga.

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